Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

by Lora

My but it’s been a long time since I posted here! It has been for a good reason, though. In January my oldest daughter became engaged and April 24th, she was married. Just yesterday we found out she is expecting and we are all rejoicing with her & Ryan.
Since the [...]

Kitchen Tip Tuesday — Holiday Planning

by Lora

It’s been weeks since I posted to any of my blogs, but I at least wanted to get on and post this kitchen tip I came up with last week. Whenever I am cooking a big meal, like a holiday meal, I plan out all of the steps for cooking each dish, and break it [...]

Extreme Makeover/ Menu Plan Monday

by Lora

As you can see my blog has gone through an extreme makeover. Lindsay has been working on it for several weeks and was finally able to get it up after battling many tendon issues in her hands. The picture in my banner is one that Lindsay took at the Katy Heritage Park. Historic [...]

Menu Plan Monday

by Rachel

I am just starting Menu Plan Monday since I have just started planning the weekly Menu with my sister Lindsay.
Monday: B-Oatmeal pancakes made by me
D-Pasta with Lentil sauce made by Lindsay
Tuesday: B-Banana chocolate chip muffins by me
D-White beans over rice pulled out of the freezer with garlic biscuits by me
Wednesday: B-Lemon poppy seed muffins by [...]